The Game Is On


Surprised as I was on New Year’s Day to find that there was a brand spanking new episode of Sherlock, it was nothing compared to the shock I experienced at the astonishing moment which rocked the initial episode of Series 4.

To sum up my feelings on the twist, I would say I felt it out of place and all a bit too sudden.

The rest of Sherlock was intriguing as always. The first main case of the show sees Mr Holmes manage to solve the mystery of how a young man has died whilst seemingly having been in two places at once.

How the following case is interlinked with the first one did seem a tad far fetched. Then I had to remind myself that I was watching Sherlock.

The remainder of the episode plays out with all one would expect; an outsmarting Sherlock, turbulence with Watson and further revelations from Mary’s past.

The Game is most certainly on.


Pyjama Party- Cancelled!

Blame Tesco. They appear to be the only supermarket allowing managers of their shops to reject customers who are shopping in their nightwear.


I for one have never seen anyone shopping in pyjamas. So I am questioning how often this occurs.

Apparently enough to warrant customers to complain about the ‘disgusting habit’ and to deem the clothing offensive (!) I could understand if they were in very minimal clothing, however the pictures I have seen are of people in full pyjamas and often a dressing gown- completely covered up.

Most of the other supermarkets were of the mind that as long as customers were wearing something, they were perfectly fine to shop at their store- clearly more concerned with sales than a select few complainers.

Should people really be complaining to somebody other than the wearer that they find a person’s clothing offensive?

I would certainly burst into laughter if I did see someone with pyjamas on at a shop, but I have no idea why this attire would cause offence. Please enlighten me.

No-one need dress up for bananas or whatever other grub one is purchasing, in my book.




Personal Challenge

Last week was the start of Cubs for the New Year and one of the tasks we have given them is to complete a personal challenge or two to achieve their badge.

It has made me think how I should be setting myself some personal challenges to work towards.


Each month I will review the challenges and see if I have met them and fingers crossed it will encourage me to achieve more next month. Here are some thoughts for challenges to set myself for this January.


  • start going on walks
  • try a wider variety of foods
  • keep writing story and blog
  • draw more pictures



  • be able to write some sentences in Spanish
  • learn more about Greek mythology
  • learn the countries of Africa


Let me know any of the challenges you are setting yourself for the New Year in the comments…


Money Challenge


2017 has incurred the start of a new challenge.

In a large pot, each day I will place in change an amount which is one penny more than the day previous.

For instance, day one I will place one penny into the jar, day two a two pence piece and so on until on the final day of the year I will drop in £3.65.

By the end of 2017 I shall have saved £667.95.

In January it seems to be known amongst most adults that they quickly run out of money. So perhaps getting ready for the time that this happens next January, I can be money savvy with the extra cash I have available to me.

Why not try a money challenge yourself?

On A Final Note

My preconception of wicked was that it was the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West became wicked.


This is not the case.

The story actually depicts how Elphaba (WWoftheW) becomes perceived as being wicked through lies, deceit and subsequent misjudgement.

The tale tells of two girls who become friends in unlikely circumstances – considering one of them is green and the other is blonde.

Intertwined with a story of magic, popularity and sentiment is the ever told love story wherein Elphaba and Glinda (with a Ga) love the same man and who he ultimately chooses.

It is quite interlinked to Dorothy’s encounter in the land of Oz. Such being that we discover the Wicked Witch of the East is Elphaba’s disabled sister, Nessarose. It is she who is crushed by a house from the ‘mysterious’ cyclone, and the shoes which Elphaba wishes to have as a keepsake are the Ruby Red Slippers which Dorothy wears and eventually uses to go home.

Moreover, the character of the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow are seen in the musical of Wicked and how they came to be as they are is revealed.

The ultimate scene is one that surprised me as I have always been led to believe that the Wicked Witch of the West melts to the floor after Dorothy throws a bucket of water over her, what really happens is so much better especially as you become so involved with the character of Elphaba and want to see her thrive.


Having now sat and enjoyed the production at the Apollo Victoria theatre in London, I have a few more songs to add to my favourites including Defying Gravity, of which the finishing note has now become my all time favourite note.

On a final point, at least now I can offer an improved explanation as to what Wicked is all about.